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Your co-pilot on your journey to free travel.

Our team has earned and redeemed millions and millions of airline miles and hotel points — most of which we earned without flying in planes or staying in hotels. We’ve flown in first class and been pampered in luxurious hotel suites. But we’re just as happy seeing exciting new places by traveling in coach (as long as we pay with points instead of cash).

Honestly, anyone can use airline and hotel loyalty points to travel for free – whether it’s a trip in business class to Thailand or a family visit to grandma in Tennessee.

What we do

We share our secrets to traveling the world for practically free.

We hope our unique points of view and skills will make your travel dreams a reality! Our knack for translating complex topics into everyday language is a major part of our success. We’ll interpret complicated airline rules and marketing promotions, and only report on the stuff that matters to you. We won’t inundate you with travel news and editorial fluff. All we care about is getting you to your bucket list destination as quickly and cheaply as possible.

We’re proud and humbled to have earned the trust of ~40,000 daily readers. We’ve got nearly 300,000 followers on Facebook, 75,000 followers on Twitter, and ~10,000 followers on Instagram! Several outlets have called upon MMS for our perspective on travel news, as well as our tips and tricks for traveling for free, including The New York Times, CNN, HuffPost, Business Insider, etc.

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Our team brings a diverse set of skills from their previous or ongoing careers. We’ve got folks who’ve worked in education, finance, engineering, aviation, and marketing on board. We know that busy people don’t have time to study the constantly changing deals, strategies, and requirements. That’s why MMS only posts the best offers and most relevant news. We also share our easy-to-follow analysis and instructions.

Everyone on our team is passionate about making traveling with miles and points easy to grasp. We all remember what it was like just starting out! We’ve got this “grandma rule,” where we struggle to explain every single topic in a way that our antediluvian grandma could read our advice once and immediately implement it. If you’ve ever got questions, comment on our posts or send us a message through Facebook and Twitter — we try to answer every single one!

How it Works

We’ll share personal stories of how credit card points can fund your travels.

So here’s how MMS works: When you click on a credit card link through our site and open the card, we get a commission from the bank. That makes us sound like… salespeople. But we don’t have that mentality at all. We 100% genuinely want you to know how great these credit cards and their rewards can be for traveling the world for practically free. We’ll share personal stories of how credit card points continue to fund our travels. We’re totally aware that our stories sound too good to be true. That’s why a lot of people are a bit skeptical to jump into miles and points — it just sounds too good.

The team has visited several dozen countries in six continents (darn you, Antarctica!!), flying on fancy international business and first class seats (which cost literally $20,000+ per ticket) to Europe, Asia, and beyond, many times for virtually no money. Now we want to give back. We get an amazing feeling when you all tell us how you’ve traveled for nearly zero dollars!

Meet the Team

Exercise Tips While Traveling
Hiking with my daughter in Bryce Canyon National Park
Meghan Hunter | MMS Writer

Meghan Hunter

Hi there!  I’m Meghan.  I’ve been a miles & points addict for many years now and have used travel rewards to go from one side of the globe to the other, and lots of spots in between. My travels have taken me to nearly all of South and Central America, including the Galapagos, where I dove with a swarm of hammerhead sharks and to other bucket-list destinations like the Seychelles, Italy, France, Thailand, and Hawaii.

My travel style used to be that of the wandering backpacker (or bikepacker!) and extreme adventure seeker.  But that has changed a tiny bit since my daughter came along. 😉  While I’m still up for almost anything, the idea of having a fancy (and free!) hotel room to come back to is all the more appealing now.

That’s why I absolutely love collecting miles & points!  The hobby allows me and my family to go almost anywhere our hearts desire.  Plus, it brings me immense joy to be able to help others make their own travel dreams come true.

PS:  I took home the #1 ranking in the Million Mile Secrets 2018 laser tag extravaganza.

I spent a total of ~$300 for a five-night stay at the St. Regis Maldives. This hotel routinely charges $1,400 per night.
Joseph Hosteter | MMS Writer

Joseph Hostetler

I’m Joseph. I’m terrified of ventriloquist dummies, I think Steven Avery is innocent, and my most googled search term is “Curb season 11 premiere date”.

I’m thrilled to live in the greatest country on earth, but you wouldn’t know it by the way I feverishly hunt for airfare sales to abandon it.

I’m a very inconvenient traveler. I’ll skip a non-stop, round-trip fare and book four unmarried one-way flights to save $100. I’m a huge fan of hostels, and I have little problem sleeping in a rental car. Miles and points have drastically improved my quality of life during travel. While I still think it’s fun to travel like a bindlestiff, I now plan trips that my friends are actually excited to attend.

Hiking on the Appalachian Trail
Karen Bennett | MMS Writer

Karen Bennett

Hi there — I’m Karen. I’ve enjoyed using points and miles over many years to get the most out of every trip my family takes. 

Throughout our travels, we’ve hiked on the Appalachian Trail, gone swimming near manatees, explored remote parts of Mexico and Canada, and visited theme parks and minor league baseball parks throughout the United States.

We’ve traveled extensively by both air and land, and we’ve saved a bundle every trip by having earned miles and points. I’m excited to help you do the same through the tips and secrets provided in my articles.

As a mom of two kids who are now in their teens, I’m also happy to share a thing or two I’ve learned along the way about traveling with children. 

Fresh views from around the world

Our team is spread out all over the US. We’re able to give you firsthand perspectives of what it’s like to fly out of small towns, big cities, the coasts, and the Midwest.

The team has vastly different travel styles, goals, and strategies to earn and redeem miles and points. Whether you’re an adventure traveler who loves jetting off to remote destinations, a family who wants to bring the joy of travel to your children, or a couple in search of a romantic luxury international getaway, we can help.

Our hardworking team is actually out there traveling with miles and points. Then we write, research, edit, answer your questions, reach out to new readers, and come up with story ideas.

Even if international travel isn’t your goal, we’ve got tons of experience closer to home, too.

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